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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Filed Under (Surveys) by admin on 27-02-2008

If you are a Promo Code Software user, I’ve got some questions I’d like to ask.

Please take a moment to fill out our Satisfaction Survey

Click Here

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First Official Software Enhancement

Filed Under (Enhancement Announcements, News & Updates) by admin on 25-02-2008

Yesterday I made a minor yet powerful enhancement to Promo Code Software.

The enhancement is in your Dynamic Promotion Code Campaigns. Right off the bat I received dozens of requests to disallow a new promo code to be created when a visitor refreshed their screen.

Now your Dynamic promo codes will only be shown once to each visitor. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dynamic Promo Code Bug Has Been Squashed!

Filed Under (News & Updates) by admin on 22-02-2008

Yesterday I told you about a creepy little bug with a big appetite for your “Success Pages” if you created a dynamic campaign. What it did was this…it ate up up your success page and spit out your “Default Error Page” for your viewers to see instead if they entered the correct promo code.

Nasty little bugger wasn’t it?

Well, I called my local pest control and had the site sprayed with insecticide. The bug died a horrible death and choked to death at approximately 6:15 pm Eastern Daylight Time. I just tagged it’s toe and put it in the morgue this morning. We are having a wake tomorrow and inviting all of it’s friends as a warning to any other bug that may want to make a home within our software.

Everything is working well and no other bugs have been reported.

However, if you happen to see any of it’s siblings, friends or other family members…please report the bug on our community forum so we can call the pest controll back in.

Here’s the link to our forum:


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Bug Detected In Dynamic Code Generator Feature

Filed Under (News & Updates) by admin on 21-02-2008

We recently found a bug in our software when using the “Dynamic” Codes feature.

Some of the codes that are generated in the dynamic code generator are not being recognized when your visitor enters the promo code resulting in your “Default Error Page” being displayed instead of your “Success Page”.

However, all other features of the software are functioning with no reported bugs.

We are working on a patch and will update all Promo Code Software Users when this feature is functioning properly.

Please report any bugs on our user forum

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Promo Code Software – Lifetime Charter Membership

Filed Under (News & Updates) by admin on 18-02-2008

Only 300 Charter Members Will Be Accepted.

Not as a marketing ploy to create a sense of urgency but because that’s all I can really

You see, as a Charter Member, you will be part of the development phase
and will be playing an important role on how this software/service
evolves over the next few months.

Originally, I created this software for myself because I couldn’t
find what I needed in other scripts. I got frustrated with one
particular script after I spent two entire days studying the user
manual, uploading the script to my server, setting up the data
base, setting permissions, creating a sales page, inserting the code
in that sales page, etc, etc.

If you’ve ever purchased a script before, you know where I’m coming
from. You really need to wrap your mind around “how” a script works
and how it interacts with your website…then you need to install it.

Well, I thought I understood the script. I was under the impression
that I could create unlimited promo codes. Well, I was half right.

The script produced multiple codes as promised. I could set
expiration times and I could redirect the visitor to any web page
just like I wanted. I could track how many times the coupon was
redeemed and everything was looking great!

I was stoked. So I created a test page, inserted the promo code
form in my page and went into the new software to create 5 different
codes all with going to different offer pages or (discount pages)
for the primary product. I wanted to send a special offer to 5
different lists but the offer would vary based on if they were
current customers, prospects, JV partners, etc. Hence the 5 codes
I made for my sales page.

After I uploaded my sales page with the promo code form in it, I
decided to test the codes.

Know what happened?

Only ONE code worked. The rest of the codes were rejected!

I was perplexed.

So I went back to the user manual, checked everything to make sure
I set up the codes correctly, checked to make sure I uploaded the
script properly to my server….and still, I couldn’t find anything
wrong with the set up.

To wrap up this already long story…it turned out that I didn’t do
anything wrong at all. It also turned out that the script actually
was functioning the way it was supposed to.

The problem was that the form that accepts the coupons ONLY accepts
ONE coupon code. Sure I could create unlimited coupon codes but I
ALSO needed to provide a separate form for EACH code I created.

That’s why the only 1 out of the 5 codes worked in my promo code
entry box on my sales page. If I wanted the other codes to work, I
needed to insert the corresponding form code into my website…which
meant I’d have to place 5 forms on my sales page.

This is definitely NOT what I had in mind. I wanted to send
different visitors from various different lists to ONE CENTRAL SALES
PAGE where they could enter a code and be taken to UNIQUE special
offers based on the code I provided them with.

Turns out I couldn’t use this marketing strategy with the script I
had on hand.

Crap…2 days wasted.

Sure I had a product that does what it’s supposed to do but not what
I wanted it to do. It would be easier to just create a unique sales
page for each list and then send them THERE instead of going through
the trouble of creating multiple pages with multiple coupon code

The script I’m talking about is great. Don’t get me wrong. If I
wanted to create an offer I could. But I could only offer one
promo code at a time…even though the software creates multiple
codes to use, it’s really designed to create unlimited codes for
different sales pages, not different codes for the same sales page.

…so off to the drawing board I went. I knew I just needed to
create my own system if I wanted it to work the way I wanted to.

That’s how Promo Code Software was born

Now that I’ve decided to share it with other marketers, I’m keenly
aware that YOU may find yourself in the same boat as I was in when
I was trying other peoples products…

That’s what this Charter Membership is all about.

I NEED you to test the software, come up with ideas on how it can
be best used, and give me feedback.

I have a TON of ideas on how to make enhancements to the software as
far as the usability goes and how it functions. But before I go and
do that I’m going to let you decide what needs to be tweaked, fixed, enhanced, etc.

That’s why I’m only accepting 300 members.

This software is literally going to be developed to function the
way the vast majority of users want it to. The back office may
be clumsy. The tracking function may not show what you want it to
show, the “dynamic code” may not deliver the way you want it too…

That’s what this is all about.

This is the “beta” phase.

Don’t get stuck in the same boat I was in with using other software,
your comments will be heard and enhancements will be made based on
this feedback.

When we go into “pre-launch”, this software WILL have the features
that marketers want based on user feedback.

It will also be a monthly subscription. Luckily, as a LIFETIME
Member and will NEVER pay any monthly fees once we switch to that


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The Best Super Bowl Commercial

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by admin on 05-02-2008

This happened to be my favorite commercial during the Super Bowl…

Kinda reminded me of how easy it is to use my software ;-)

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Audio Update

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by admin on 05-02-2008


I’m testing the audio player plug in

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hey…it works!!  Enjoy this song from Nickleback.

I got this plug in from the 1 Pixel Out website:

Click here if you want this plugin for your blog

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