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Promo Code Or Hyperlink?

Filed Under (Marketing Tips) by admin on 24-08-2008

Typically, as a publisher or an affiliate marketer, you probably send traffic to your online offers using a hyperlink like this: Get a free issue of Promo Code Marketing Tactics…or something to that effect.

The goal, obviously, is to get your visitor to click on the link.

You put hyperlinks in your email newsletters, your blogs, social networking sites…basically everywhere. That’s HOW you get visitors to your sites.


There is an alternate, less common, sometimes more effective way to get visitors to your site WITHOUT using a hyperlink.

Consider using a “promo code” to drive visitors to a site of your choice FIRST!.  For example, if I wanted someone to download my free report Promo Code Marketing Tactics, I may send that traffic to THIS blog first to enter the promo code.  Once here they could enter promo code “showme” in the promo code form at the top of my blog to get the report.

Why would I do this?

Well, because I may want them to see my entire blog.  They may see something else that they are interested it.  I may get a new RSS subscriber.  I may make an affiliate sale of something totally unrelated, etc.  It really depends on the content of the site that you are sending your visitor to.

Bottom line, it’s an “out of the box” idea if I don’t say so myself.

With Promo Code Software you can do these types of promotions and drive traffic to your site of choice as well as sending them to your promotion of choice.  It’s like getting two birds with one stone.

Get a lifetime Promo Code Software membership today and start experimenting with

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8 easy plugins to install to SEO your WordPress

Filed Under (News & Updates) by admin on 20-08-2008

This is a very simple guide on which plugins you can install today to increase your blogs performance in the search engine rankings.

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Japanese Marketing Tactics Promo Code

Filed Under (Internet Marketing Tools) by admin on 16-08-2008

Japanese entrepreneurs have always been very clever.   They have to be.  They are a small secluded nation that relies on imports to maintain their thriving economy.

Here’s a technique that’s just begging for internet marketers to adapt online:

It’s called the “candy bag” marketing trick.  From what I understand it originates from the Ueno district
of Tokyo and it’s a sneaky little secret that gets customers in a literal buying frenzy.

Anybody who turns this idea into a script for ONLINE sales will no doubt have a winning script to sell to internet marketers

Use this promo code for the report:

Enter    japan

… in the promo code form above in the promo code box located in the middle top of this blog.

If you get some ideas for turning these ideas into online scripts please feel free to use my coders to develop something for you.  Just use Pro Software Developer located here:

Develop My Software

Oh, and by the way….

If you want to use promo codes to promote your business or product get my Promo Code Software here:

Promo Code Software Membership

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Use Promo Codes As A Ticket System

Filed Under (Promo Code Marketing Tips) by admin on 14-08-2008

Promo codes, coupon codes….ticket codes…

What do you call them?

How do you use them?

Well, first of all, you need to understand the myth that “promo codes” don’t necessarily need to be used as a discount coupon code like most people think.

If you were to use promo codes on your marketing site or blog as a “ticket code” or “ticket system”…how would you use them?

I’m interested in your comments.

Buy the way, if you don’t have a means to use coupon codes as a marketing tool other than giving a discount, check out Promo Code Software:


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